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Terms and Conditions

1. Any contribution made (whether in the form of the annual subscription or donations of money) is not a financial investment, and cannot be refunded to the member once the transfer has been made.
2. The member will receive one share only and will be entitled to one vote per resolution raised at any general meeting. The share issued to the member is not transferable to any other person, firm or corporate body.
3. Any contribution received by the Trust from a member will be held in common for the benefit of all members and will be used to meet the objectives of the Trust.
4. As a non-profit making organisation, no financial return, whether in the form of interest or a distribution of profits, will be made to its members.
5. On winding up or dissolution of the Trust, any surpluses will be transferred to a sporting charity or charities within the Area and/or one of more societies established for the benefit of the community.
6. The data contained on this application form will be held, analysed and used by the Trust Board and Executive Board solely for the purposes of the Foxes Trust, and this data may be transferred to electronic media such as a database. As defined in the Rules of the Trust, prescribed data on members will be publicly available at the Trustís registered office.

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